ACEP High Threat Emergency Casualty Care Task Force


ACEP is soliciting interest for the new ACEP High Threat Emergency Casualty Care Task Force.

ACEP Task Force on High Threat Emergency Casualty Care
ACEP President Jay Kaplan and the Board of Directors have recently approved a task force on high threat emergency care. The acceptance of the task force model is exciting and will allow for members of the College to create a comprehensive strategy to assist ACEP in addressing trauma care from the point of injury, through definitive care, in high threat emergencies. Drs. David Callaway and Gina Piazza will Co-Chair the Task Force.

The Task Force will be comprised of approximately 12-18 ACEP leaders from across sections. The Task Force leaders will review interested nominations and the ACEP President will review and approve all recommendations.

The preliminary task force deliverables are as follows:

  1. White paper detailing current national efforts, recommended clinical practice guidelines for adults and pediatric patients, and future strategy for ACEP engagement as a national leader in the area of high threat emergency care.
  2. Identify best practice recommendations for provision of care in high threat environments.
  3. Identification of clinical and operational knowledge gaps and articulation of future research objectives.
  4. Serve as advisory body for the ACEP Board for information sharing for planning and during evolving, acute high threat incidents.

Contact: Melissa W. Costello