Critical Care Fellowship and Employment


I am currently a PGY-1 in EM and very interested in critical care - particularly in performing a fellowship after residency. The plan would be to split time if possible, but lean more heavily on the ICU side depending on employment opportunities. I’d be interested to get input on what the employment opportunities are like for EM-CC graduates - are there ample jobs out there? How are we received by other communities (i.e. pulm/CC, anesthesia, etc.)? Are we limited in what jobs we might pursue? Thanks!


Hey thats a great question that I hear almost anyone who wants to go into a fellowship in any subspecialty ask. For critical care like most fellowships except ultrasound, the involvment takes you outside of the ED. Tox, EMS, Critical Care Global Health, Informatics, all take you to a secondary place of practice.

I think most CC-EM docs work in academic centers, unless you find an amazing community job where they are employed part time in both groups (cc group and the EM group). Very few do Pulmonology clinic. Very few work in a setting like Dr. Weingart has where there is a critical care section of the ED. Hope that helps.