Life after the ED- how can I keep up procedural skills?


After 5 years of practice in a community ED, I am switching to Urgent Care to get better hours and spend more time with my family. There is plenty of BS I won’t mind saying goodbye to from the ED setting, but I feel that we develop such a broad degree of procedural skills in our specialty that I am wondering if anyone else has found a way to keep their toes in the water after leaving the ED. Any ideas? I’m all ears-


I know docs who work in both settings but I highly doubt your intubation skills, and critical procedure skills (central lines, chest tubes) will be as high in an urgent care. yes you can do reductions but even if you do a procedure every once in a while volume of procedures besides for I&Ds is low in all urgent care settings. I would recommend working in an ED part time.


I would suggest that you also
Learn new procedures that are useful in UC. I am doing more joint aspirations and injections in UC. And my own IVs. And reductions without
any meds. Hoping to start using ultrasound again when Butterfly IQ ships. That will open up a whole new arena of skills.