Missing App content


If you notice missing content in the app, it may be because you have an out of data database. Please click the blue update icon in the app when connected to the internet to download a fresh set of WikEM content.


How come I can’t search up anything without Wi-Fi connection? It used to show up without Wi-Fi. I already clicked the blue button; I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but still same issue.


Yes we are trying to fox this bug right now.


I have been getting more frequent errors stating “Link does not exist. Do you want to open on web browser?” These are pages that I know for a fact used to work without problems. I have tried updating the database but that has not seemed to fix the issue.


What version of the app are you using. You can find this on the about screen of the app. Also what OS? iOS or android? Please try to update the app to the current version on your phone or uninstall and reinstall it to remove any remnants of older versions. Let me know if this works.


I was using 5.4.2 build 87 on Android, which I believe is the current version.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and that seems to have fixed things. I am also able to view content offline again, which is a huge plus.

Thank you!