Redesign Feedback


Please provide bugs and feedback on the new wiki redesign here.


Hello. I like the new design online but since the update my iPhone app keeps saying “unable to connect to server”. I tried restarting my phone and removing and reinstalling the app with no luck. Thanks!


are you on wifi?and also please try the new app update. let me know if this works


I am on wifi. I updated the app but now it just tells me that my password is incorrect despite reseting it multiple times. I am able to login online but not the app.


is your iOS version build 661. Please click the about icon in the app to see the version and build number


I am not able to log in under my username (or the other 2 I created) to look but I logged in under my wifes username on my phone and it says 6.6.0


Hey Dan, a few things:

  1. How can you edit redirected pages on the new design? Previously if you searched a page that had been redirected, there would be a link at the top of the page saying something to the effect of “you’ve been redirected from XYZ page” which you could then click to edit the redirect page. Can’t figure out how to do this on the redesign

  2. The “uncategorized pages” page has an error

  3. Can you add a link to “Special pages” under “Using WikEM” on the left-hand sidebar? This was there previously, but didn’t seem to make the new redesign.


yes to all. give me a week


you get an error on this page?


Redirect is fixed and it displays the name now


Whoops must have missed the special pages link before.

And the error is on this page, which is what is linked to from the “Helping out on WikEM” page:


Anyone have an issue with loading initial database? Ever since upgrade, app will not load and stays stuck “loading”. Tried WiFi and reinstalling the app without luck. Version 6.7.2.
iOS 12.1.2.


yes others are and i’m working on this now

Dan Ostermayer
skype: dan.ostermayer