Types of Tourniquets


What type of tourniquets is everyone using at their various hospitals, EMS agencies or TEMS units.

We used to buy the CAT brand but our EMS agency got some discount and now is switching to the SOFTT brand. Does anyone have any research or experience regarding the various types? Hoping to make an evidence based argument to prevent the switch since CAT is so easy to teach our medics.


Its very important to choose the best type of tourniquet since not all tourniquets are equal. TK4, SOFT-T, SWAT-T are some good examples of commonly used tourniquets. Well, CAT tourniquet is a primary one commonly used for pre-hospital or military operations and can be good to use but rather than CAT you should try SOFT-T.


There are three tourniquets recommended by the CoTCCC, the CAT, SOFTT and EMT. No other tourniquets on the market have the same data/proven use. http://www.naemt.org/education/TCCC/guidelines_curriculum